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Yangtze River Cruise Deluxe Tour
6 Days / 5 Nights

USD$ 827.00 land pp

Yangtze River Gold II is a cruise ship decorated with modern business style. Its five-star facilities and design is shown from the outside and inside: room settings, catering facilities, business shopping, entertainment. Cruise is 1.7 million-ton, has 6 levels, 216 cabins with a total of more than 18,000 square meters. It is the real fifth-generation luxury cruise ships on Yangtze River. The cruise ship will provide welcome cocktail party and farewell dinner with surprises.
   Day 1      
Upon arrival, professional tour guide will take you to hotel. Hotel: Dorsett Wuhan Hotel or similar.
   Day 2      
Afternoon train or bus to Yichang. Boarding cruise at night to begin Yangtze River Three Gorges trip.
Xinhai Revolution Memorial Hall, Commonly known as the Red House. To commemorate the Revolution, it is also a cultural landmark in Wuhan.
Yellow Crane Tower, The floors are decorated with large-scale murals, couplets, cultural relics.
Yangtze River Bridge, The first public railway bridge connecting Hanyang and Wuchang, across the Yangtze River, is the first public railway bridge on the Yangtze River.
Cruise: M.S.Y ang Tze Gold 2 or similar.
(B / L / D).
   Day 3      
Yangtze River Three Gorges, One of the birthplace of ancient Chinese culture, highlight the magnificent natural landscape.
Three Gorges Scenic Area, Enjoy the scenic beauty of the stone tablets.
Three Gorges Dam. It is the world's largest hydropower station, is also the world's largest ever built dams in China. The dam has played an important role in flood control, power generation, transportation, tourism, ecological protection, water and irrigation, and other benefits.
Xiling Gorge, is the longest part as well as the most rapid areas of Yangtze River. The entire gorge area is made of canyons and rapids.
(B / L / D).
   Day 4      
Shennong River, Originated in the southern slope of Shennongjia.
Wu Gorge, Gorge is of deep twists and turns, is the most impressive section of the Three Gorges, like a gallery with twists and turns. Baidicheng, is located in the Qitang Xixi Baidi mountain.
(B / L / D).
   Day 5      
Qutang Gorge the narrowest, most dangerous, the shortest section in Three Gorges, two sides are sharp and steep.
Fengdu Ghost City, Different small ghost statues in the city.
Shibaozhai National AAAA-class tourist attractions is one of the best new tourist landscape in the Yangtze River Three Gorges. It is one of China's seven wonders, one of the world's eight exotic buildings.
Shibaozhai was built in the Ming Dynasty.
(B / L / D).
   Day 6      
After the cruise arriving Chongqing, send to airport in groups. Please book a flight after 12:00 and take a pleasant flight home.

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